Suffern Building Works

Completion Date: January 2016
Services Provided: Architectural Design
Square Footage: 30,000
Cost of Construction: $3,000,000
The home of Aufgang Architects (and some of our closest engineer associates), is the first new building built in downtown Suffern in decades. Designed to be both contemporary and contextual to the downtown railroad station it still maintains the feel of the village, houses professional offices, retail space and a popular restaurant. As you might expect, we built our headquarters using cutting edge sustainable design concepts and systems. All spaces are heated and cooled using a deep well geothermal system and multiple individual heat pumps per floor. All outside walls and the roof are super insulated far exceeding applicable energy codes. We also have the first commercial installation of exterior mounted automatic-deployment shading in the United States on all south facing windows. This has cut transmission of solar heat gain by 90% resulting in much lower Air Conditioning usage.